Second best is never an option

H&K delivers you the best and latest in the market

H & K’s focus has primarily been on shoes, boots and slippers that are sophisticated and relevant with the prevalent trends. We always aim high and concentrate our efforts on producing something that will send waves of happiness across our consumers. The secret to the recipe is the right amount of leather, subtle quantity of wood and a handful of PVC to carve out the soles. With our wizardry, second best will no longer be an option.

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Style, comfort and attractive colors

Together fabricate a perfect footwear

Style should be something that never go out of fashion; it should have the mettle to resist the winds of change. Each of H & K’s concept designs are sculpted artfully – bearing in mind the advancements each year, month and week brings. Our creative designs, kaleidoscopic colors and impeccable construction bring out the real swashbuckler in you! With H & K, you will feel confident and go on lengths to explore new realms and make new friends!


At a drop of your hat

You will find what you desire

Shoe defines the attitude of an individual, with perfect footwear you present yourself as an extremely pleasing individual. Our products offer you the luxury of being a bit more presentable as the kind of design and looks we sell at our shop are second to none. With that, we propose a great variety, to let you decide out of the chunk of excellence. Our shoes won’t get in the way of keeping your feet happy but they will help you enhance it. Keeping your feet comfortable is a highly necessary task to perform for a better lifestyle and healthy living. We on our hand considering the issue, also offer medicated slippers. These slippers are designed specifically as a treatment of pain beneath your feet and trouble in walking. Healthy living with quality shoes only by H&K.


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Stop and look out for our huge range of Men’s Footwear which is perfect for anything the day demands. Buy Online Footwear in Karachi as we’ve got dress shoes, slip-ons, sneakers, high-top and a lot more. H&K offers Best Shoes in Pakistan and a wide variety of men’s shoes to buy online with a sustainable quality and comfort. All you gotta do is pick those stylish kicks.